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This really hot japanease women decided to have sex with a tentacle beast. She asked us to organise an event, so we deed. She came to our set very shy and we spend some time to feel her comfortable. She undressed and we noticed that she is a really busty women. She picked few dicks from tentacle and started sucking them. At the same time other tentacle cocks were fucking her pussy and the ass. As you see she screamed in variuos languages, because she really loved all that fucking tentacle thing. We captured it for our tentacles blog and we present it for your review.

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In our tentacles porn blog you can see all things related to tentacle sex, so this is why I added few scenes from hentai sites. In this series, we have a really hot hentai girl, who was not expecting to have this tentacles porn experience. She was on the date with very sexy man and she was quite astonished when he turned into tentacle monster. His hand was like 5 very long cocks and they all there reaching the hentai women. She lost her clothes and all cocks there doing their job – two of them there playing with her tits and other there fucking her tight pussy.

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The girl entered the dungeon (which used to be some companies office) and saw that there is no employers, just a strange noises coming from the dark. She went closer to the dark and saw a tentacle monster. The monster grabbed her and ripped all the clothes off, but did not do anything. The cute asian started shouting “fuck me, you tentacle sex monster“, and then this scene turned into real tentacles porn. The monster, lifted her hands up and sticked his longest cock into her tight vagina – here she noticed that it feels really good. The monster continued to fuck her in all the ways she imagined – and the good part is that she could request any tentacles porn position she wanted.

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She bought that monster from us and we had only one request – that we could capture her sex with our tentacle monster. She agreed. So now as far as I know, she is fucking that monster every day and she says, that its better that any man. I went to her house with the camera and asked to show how she fucks that tentacle monster. As you see in my video, she lies on the chair and then the tentacle monster takes over – it goes all around hot naked asian body and starts rubbing her. The monster takes all his cocks and starts fucking that hot lady. The asian moans from pleasure and when i ask her if i can post to thiis tentacles porn blog, she does not mind. These photos are form the most intense moment then monster has entered all her holes.

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I just got a nice update from the hentai tentacles porn series, that I mentioned before. In these series, the guy with dicks instead of the hands goes and fuck all hentai women he meets.

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This is amazing hentai series continues, as you see, in the preview toons there is a hentai women, who is fucked by a guy, who has dick hand. After an ordinary date, they both come home and here tentacles porn action began – the guy hand has transformed into dicks. These dicks went around the hentai lady body – you can see how these dicks massages her boobs and one of the cocks goes straight into her pussy – she shouts form pleasure. You also asked me, how a man who has that special hand looks, so I put the second image with this guy (he transforms into hentai monster).

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This young asian maid, who was working as some strange man maid was spending her time in the kitchen. She was preparing dinner, then she heard some strange noises. Then she looked to the side where noises came from she noticed a tentacle monster. She knew, how it end with these monsters, but still did not believe that will end up as tentacle porn star. The monster came closer to her and started ripping the clothes, she did not mind, because she always fantasized about being fucked by a monster. Then she was nude – the monster started fucking her really hard – all dicks there in all holes – mouth, pussy and ass. She also took one of the cocks and started sucking (as she have seen in other tentacles porn videos). It all lasted for more than three hours and then, the monster shooted his cum into the asian tight ass.

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